1. Software analysis as a field: This encompasses various processes for inspecting and evaluating software, including:

    • Requirement analysis: Defining and understanding the needs and goals of the software.
    • Code analysis: Examining the source code to identify potential bugs, security vulnerabilities, or optimization opportunities.
    • Performance analysis: Measuring how well the software runs under different conditions.
    • Usability analysis: Evaluating how easy and intuitive the software is to use.
    • Troubleshooting bugs: Identifying the cause of a software malfunction.
    • Improving performance: Making the software run faster or more efficiently.
    • Enhancing security: Identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.
    • Understanding how the software works: Gaining insight into the internal structure and functionality of the software. 


Software implementation , reefers the process of putting a software application into operation in a real-world environment. It involves various stages, from initial planning and installation to configuration, testing, user training, and ongoing support.


Odoo customization is a powerful feature that allows businesses to adapt the platform to their specific needs and workflows. It can range from simple modifications to existing modules to building entirely new functionalities.


  • Conduct thorough testing to identify and address bugs or defects.
  • Test functionality, performance, compatibility, and security.
  • Validate against user requirements and specifications.


  • Provide end-users with comprehensive training on software usage.
  • Cover navigation, features, workflows, and troubleshooting.
  • Offer hands-on practice and support materials.

Customer Support

  • Provide ongoing support to users, including troubleshooting, updates, and enhancements.
  • Address technical issues and user feedback.

Odoo ERP  APP.

Compatible, Open-Source ERP APP. 

Behind the technology is a community of 100k+ developers collaborating worldwide. We're united by the spirit of open source, and a common vision: "to transform companies, empower employees".

Odoo is available in two editions:
• Community: Open Source, 100% free.
• Enterprise: extra apps, infrastructure and professional services.

No vendor lock-in

No proprietary data format, just PostgreSQL: you own your data. No software lock-in: you get the source code, GitHub access, and the flexibility to host on our infrastructure, or on premise.

Highly customizable

Use Odoo Studio to automate actions, design custom screens, custom reports, or web hooks.